Lodyn is a company with a strong innovative character

Lodyn is a company focused on innovation, development and commercialization of new products for the feeding of milk ruminants (cow, sheep and goat), in order to obtain a totally differentiated milk directly from the animal, which recognized functional and healthy properties. With this milk, we development dairy products with beneficial effects on health, and therefore, that can improve people’s quality of life.

Since its creation in 2003, Lodyn’s strategy is based on constant innovation, with R & D & I activities being the engine of our company.


“The best way to grow, generate confidence in the market and contribute to people’s well-being is INNOVATION”


Our objectives through R + D + i are to anticipate market trends, providing added value through the development of healthier products for people through completely NATURAL processes, combining tradition and technology.

Official documents

Hospital Universitario La Paz

Ensayo clínico sobre el perfil lípídico en personas con sobrepeso y obesidad tras incluir en su alimentación el queso de cabra Lodyn.
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Análisis CIAL CSIC

Análisis del perfil lípido de quesos de cabra Lodyn®
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Información sobre Lodyn en el Congreso Internacional de la Nutrición.
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Informe CSIC

Prueba Toxicológica
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Lodyn Cheese - The result of years of research and development.
  • Invention patent “Method based on the use of a dietary supplement, LODYN-MILK, which administered to milk ruminants (sheep, goat and cow) and as a supplement to their daily diet, allows them to obtain milk and its derivatives, with healthy nutritional characteristics for people”
  • HIPÓCRATES Award from the Royal Academy of Medicine of Asturias in 2009 to the study that gave rise to the patent presented by Dr. Manuel Juárez (CSIC)
  • LODYN S.L. es member of the C-FUN-FOOD platform.
  • LODYN’s goat cheese is currently the only pure goat cheese recognized by the Spanish Heart Foundation.