Can of cream of goat cheese 750 g

Deliciosa crema queso de cabra en formato ahorro. La alternativa saludable adaptada a las necesidades de las familias y establecimientos HORECA.

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  • Milk characteristics:

Cream of goat cheese made 100% with goat’s cheese and goat’s milk of exceptional quality. The milk is pasteurized and is enriched in a natural way, with less saturated fat and a high level of Omega 3 and Antioxidants (selenium), thanks to the fact that our goats feed on grass and vegetable seeds rich in these nutrients. A natural process from start to finish that we have called the Lodyn-Milk Method.

Lodyn goats feeding on natural grass


  • Texture, colour, aroma and taste:

It is a very natural product made with a high content of goat cheese (57%) and goat milk (35%). White in colour with a clean and fresh looking. Nice, soft and very creamy texture, being very easy to spread. It has a mild taste, with a slight acidity characteristic of goat cheese, with very well balanced citrus notes. It is a very natural product with no added fats. Flavour of mild intensity (2/5). (Pasteurized milk and cheese naturally enriched).


In addition to being delicious, this cream of goat cheese has less saturated fat, helps you to balance cholesterol and to prevent inflammation. That is why it is recognized by the Spanish Heart Foundation. More info


  • Characteristics:

Shape: can with cylindrical shape.

Net weight: 725g approx.


  • Recommendations:

Its taste is very pleasant and it adds originality to any snack. It is especially indicated as an ingredient in sandwiches, toasts or rice. Ideal for breakfast, lunch and of course as snack.



Rissoto with Lodyn cream of goat cheese


Lodyn cream of goat cheese with coconut milk and kiwi


Cheesecake with cream of Lodyn goat cheese


  • Nutritional information:


Average values Per 100g
Energy 360 kcal
1.505 kJ
Fats 34 g
Saturated Fats 18 g
Carbohydrates 1,5 g
Sugars 0,2 g
Proteins 19 g
Salt 0,95 g
Omega 3 0,5 g
Selenium 23 µg

Lodyn ratio ω6 / ω3: 1.80. Optimal ratio: ≤ 4.


  • Conservation and Shelf-life:

It can be kept at room temperature. Once opened, consume within 10 days and keep refrigerated. It has a shelf-life of at least 8 months.



  • About us:

LODYN is a cheese factory formed by two families in which we help people to ENJOY CHEESE and to TAKE CARE OF THEIR HEALTH. We have been making delicious nutritionally improved goat and sheep cheeses for more than 10 years thanks to a natural food for our animals that we have patented for its exceptional and natural quality.

Founders of Lodyn


If you LIKE CHEESE and having a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE, you can do it with our cheeses because they have won some of the most prestigious awards in the world for their taste and, at the same time, we have verified that they can help you to improve your health in studies with important institutions, such as the Hospital de La Paz in Madrid, and for being recognized by the Spanish Heart Foundation. More info

  • Great Taste Awards 2020: Gourmet Goat Cheese with Moldy Rind
  • Product of the Year  2016: “V Edición Premios Nacionales El Suplemento”.

Results of clinical essay. More info


And all this is thanks to the milk that we obtain in a 100% NATURAL process, which we have called the “Lodyn-Milk Method”, with which we improve the natural food of our goats and sheep so that their milk has directly healthy properties, without using additives in post-milking processes as it is industrially done on a regular basis. More info


Thus, we have managed to combine the “know-how” of our ancestors with nutritional improvement, preparing our delicious cheeses in facilities that meet the highest sanitary standards, and focusing on ORIGIN, without adding, accelerating, or taking anything away.

Sheep having natural grass

Production of Lodyn cheese

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